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Does Your Building Qualify for Recommissioning?

Recommissioning is a program offered by your utility company. Free of charge a full systematic evaluation of your facility’s power usage is conducted. This evaluation is presented with incentives to reduce your power costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Net Metering?

In most states if the PV array produces more power than the building is using, the extra power is sent back to the grid and the building owner will be credited by the local utility for that power. This credit for excess power is called Net Metering. An additional meter is installed which will show the flow of power going to the utility.

Why should I use PV-generated electricity?

PV provides sustainable energy, operates silently, produces no toxic emissions or greenhouse gases, and causes no hazardous waste. PV systems generate electricity using the Sun's free energy, so the ongoing costs are minimal. Some people would rather invest capital on an energy-producing improvement to their property than continually send money to a power company. Others like the security of reducing the amount of electricity they buy from power utilities, because it makes them less vulnerable to power outages and future increases in the price of electricity.